These bedheads are designed & manufactured locally in Australia

Choose what colour and size from the range given and we will make your headboard to order.

Globefabric from Warwick - 90% POLYESTER 10% NYLON

Single size: 1000 x 1000h $920.00

Single size Tall 1000w x 1200h $932.00

Double size: 1400w x 1000h $1144.00

Double size Tall: 1400w x 1200h $1218.00

Queen Size: 1600w x 1000h $1262.00

Queen size Tall: 1600w x 1200h $1346.00

King size: 1900w x 1000h $1408.00

King size Tall: 1900w x 1200h $1507.00

Noosa Headboard