Custom Size Available:Yes

Design/ Colour:Maya

Care & Maintenance


Care instructions: 

We recommend taking the following preventive measures to ensure that you enjoy your new rug to the full extent for a long time. 

Turn over your rug – Rugs that can be used on both sides should be turned over at least once a year. This extends its useful life.

Rotate your rug – It is best to rotate your rug to ensure even wear and the uniform appearance of the surface.

Vacuum cleaning – Dust dirt particles can be removed effectively before they become embedded in the pile by thoroughly vacuuming the rug as necessary (caution: clean only with a flat nozzle, without the brush attachment).

Individual wool fibres or even wool curls may come loose during use. Please do not pull these out. Instead simply cut the projecting wool ends off directly at the surface of the rug with a pair of scissors.


Memphis - Maya Rug